Smelly Jellies


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Smelly jelly’s are 8oz jelly jars filled with a jelly like substance and pure fragrance oil. Jelly’s are non diluted, VERY strong and last for months! Jelly’s do best in warmer months, since the heat intensifies the fragrance. These are great in vehicle cup holders, under sinks, by trash cans, office desk and closets. 

All of our smelly jelly’s come with a daisy lid and a cardboard liner to help contain scents. Customers can remove the cardboard liner for high fragrance or cut slits into the cardboard liner for a lighter fragrance. 

Please keep in mind that jelly’s are NOT edible, jelly’s should be kept in darker areas away from windows and light (while in your stores). This could possibly effect the color and evaporation of the substance. 

Hurst Candle Co.