Room+Linen Mist


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Give your room a burst of freshness with our Room + Linen Mist! These sprays are perfect to use throughout your home. Try on pillows, curtains, & pet beds too!

Safe for the home & environment & we use 100% pure ess oils & frag oils that are phthalate & paraben-free! Shake well before each use. Don't see a scent you'd like, drop us a note & we'd love to make them for you!

Tips: Spray on a washcloth & toss in the dryer. Spritz on pet beds to freshen up. Spritz on your a/c filters to scent home & office. Makes great air fresheners for car or mobile home. Use as a scent refresher on sachets.

Safe to use around children and pets! Please DO NOT spray directly on pets. If using on linen, spray at a distance of 12 inches min to prevent stains. It is recommended to do a patch test first on fine fabrics.